Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Week 2/Day 2

MACROS: Fat 28%, Protein 33%, Carbs 28%
Calories: 1,508
Steps:  10,052

I stayed within my calories, but hosed the macros for the day. I decided to not eat to make up what I would need to get the percentages in line... that is a slippery slope. Today is a new day and a new opportunity to do things a little better.

The kids got off to school. The teen set off my 'Mom Senses' by getting up super early and walking to school versus staying in bed until the last possible moment and insisting on a ride with drive thru coffee. I suspect it's because the ex-BF comes back to school today. I wish she would just let him go and move on. He's a jerk. Regardless she's at school because my phone hasn't rung to tell me otherwise, and the DH actually got up and left earlier than he has all week. I have the morning all to myself. It's been a long time coming. It will not be squandered.

I'll tackle a few items on the list and head to my therapist's for 11. Hoping for a really great day!

1. The dreaded drawers / clothes situation
2. Camp forms need to be completed and sent
3. Laundry is never really finished
4. SELF CARE... A long walk... dare I say RUN?
5. Call some painters / get some estimates.
6. Clean out / throw out all the paperwork I rummaged through looking for who painted the house 5 years ago.... meh!

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