Friday, March 25, 2016

W3/D4 GOOD Friday!

Macros: Fat 54% Protein 24% Carbs 22%
Calories: 1,833
Steps: 9,934

I need to stop fooling myself. I am not following a plan, but rather eating and then hoping it all fits the mold. I need to plan my food each day and know in the morning that what I'm going to eat is what I should eat to support my goals. Yup.

As for exercise - I'm looking to get in shape. I haven't had a good workout in weeks. WEEKS. I can't just count steps. I need to amp it up. 

Today is Good Friday. The kids are off from school, but the DH is working. I have plans tonight for a friends 50th and have to leave for a horse show at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. It's going to be a little dicey getting it all together... getting my steps in... eating right. A plan is definitely what I need. 

Goals for the weekend:
1. Keep a clear head and a positive attitude.
2. Live in the moment
3. WALK lots and eat well

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