Wednesday, March 30, 2016

W4/D2 - In Control and with a Plan

Macros: Fat 65% Protein 23% Carbs 12%
Calories: 1,588

So that's what happens when you have a plan and stick to it.... Interesting. In addition to hitting all my markers, my youngest *asked* if we could go to a spin class last night... UM, YES! It was my first time back in about 6 weeks or so. My bum is a little sore this morning, but I felt good and I really pushed myself. 

I have errands to run this morning, but I bought a tennis racket last night so the youngest and I will go hit some balls after school today... I haven't played in YEARS.... Decades even... My mood is good. I have a handle on most things... Letting the teen do her thing, convinced that if she needs to repeat a year of school it will all be OK. As for the DH; he is who he is and I have decided to stop fighting it. For now, I'll take care of my family and my SELF. It's good.

1. Food shop, make a good dinner.
2. Exercise
3. FINISH the laundry
4. Pay close attention to the macros... PLAN... 

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