Thursday, March 31, 2016

W4/D3 - What are Moms supposed to say to their daughters about weight?

Macros: Fat 62% Protein 21% Carbs 17%
Calories: 1,986
Steps: 11,655

Happy with the macros, not so much with the calories. There is definitely room for improvement. As for the other goals of the day - I didn't finish the laundry, but came close...and I *played* tennis with the girls...  We are not good, so we got a lot of exercise chasing balls. I walked the dog; I got my steps in... 

The youngest wants to go to the gym now that her equestrian season is over. While the teen rebels against anything healthy, the youngest is more attentive to her diet; eating healthy, exercising. She doesn't want to get fat... while her sister has noticeably gained about 20 pounds over the last 6 months. Meh. Such a struggle and such a minefield for me - I have always struggled with my weight, with body images issues... I don't want the teen to ignore the obvious. I don't want her to struggle like I did, but I don't know what I can do about it. It seems anything I do say is totally wrong... *sigh* I don't want the young one to obsess and develop an eating disorder... I struggled with fad diets, bulimia through my high school years. I want my girls to love, care for and appreciate their bodies and all that they do. 


Today was an early morning. I got up at 4 to walk the dog and get ready. I had to pick up my sister and brother in law at the airport for 6 a.m. and then head straight to work. I'll get my steps in, but not sure about getting to the gym. I'm tired already, but I may take a few hours off tomorrow to make a 10 a.m. Body Pump (for the first time in MONTHS). I really want to BE back on track and this seems like a good way to do it... We'll see how the day goes... Self care is a good thing.


fitteratfortyish said...

That is a tough one, and I struggled the same as a kid. My stepdaughter never had eating or weight issues, and always WANTED to eat healthy, so I can't offer any "how I dealt with it" perspective. But one thing I can say from my childhood is, good nutrition is good nutrition - for EVERYONE! It's not just for those who are prone to be overweight. The whole family really has to band together and eat similarly so as not to single out one or two people, and/or torture them by having non-nutritious food around. That of course is another issue, that your husband has to be on board, and I think that's the harder part. Where the parents lead, the kids will follow, especially if there are no other options in the house. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Lynne said...

Thanks for the comments - SPOT ON! I like that... where the parents lead the kids will follow... If my husband could only have his "come to Jesus" moment.... Grumble!