Friday, April 01, 2016

W4/D4 - Measure Measure Measure....

Macros: Fat 62% Protein 22% Carbs 16%
Calories: 2,188
Steps: 10,667

I have to be more thoughtful about portions and not just eating... I hit the macros, but I can't see that weight loss can happen while eating 2K calories... 

The teen is depressed. Her day was stressful yesterday. She thinks running away or going someplace new is the answer. The DH was not helpful. The night was a bust... but I did escape to the gym and hit my step goal. Today will not work out for Body Pump, but maybe this weekend? I'm running with the sisters tomorrow. I'm going to try really hard to NOT walk. I'm also going to focus more intently on eating properly. This whole life thing is like a moving target... I guess the trick is to never give up. 

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