Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 2 RECAP - Lessons Learned /Moving Foward

Macros: Fat 57% Protein 22% Carbs 21%
Steps: 10,598

Macros: Fat 41% Protein 22% Carbs 37%
Calories: 1,625
Steps: 9,789

Macros: Fat 62% Protein 19 % Carbs 19%
Calories: 1,881
Steps: 10,730

After this week I feel under-whelmed. I was hoping for a little looser feeling in my jeans; perhaps a better feeling of wellness... and instead I feel bloated and not good. I went out Saturday night and felt frumpy and not at all confident. Meh.

Yesterday I went shopping with the little one. We both needed clothes and I figured I would just buy something that fits and that something was a size 14!  Back in 2013, it was 8's and 10's and knowing this I feel defeated and mad for being back where I started. So now what?!

Reassess. I think my calories are too high for weight loss. I know I'm not supposed to look at that number, but I really need to start something here... I will drop my calories to 1,400 and not take any extra for exercise. I'll continue to work on consistency with the carbs (amazing how one little slip can blow the whole scheme!).

I'm going to return to what worked for me two years ago. It will be harder without the benefit of hypnosis, but I can do it or at least give it a good try.... no fruit, nothing sweet, no bread, rice, potatos, nuts, eat everything with a protein. I already do most of these things, but fruit/nuts/sweet things will have to go for now. I have exactly one month until my 50th...

This week will be a little crazy - Easter is coming, horse show / team finals for the little one and the teen is actually starting a job!  I have a 50th event for a friend, "parents" driver's ed for my teen, and my own self care... Deep breath! Here's to progress!

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