Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 6 Day 1 - Always Room for Improvement


Macros: Fat 55% Protein 20% Carbs 25%
Calories: 1,666
Steps: 10,484

So not a terrible day, though I have to admit I wanted something to crunch / snack on and I chose popcorn. The DH went shopping over the weekend and restocked... There was the cake - that is now gone; the popcorn (but it's TJ's Organic!), Orange soda (but it's made with *real* orange juice!), and chips (baked!). I'm ignoring it all... well, clearly I'm not if I write about them here. It bothers me!  I've asked SO MANY TIMES and either he's not listening or he just doesn't get it?! I slipped up with the cake Sunday night, ate popcorn yesterday and poured out cans of orange soda because I'd rather have it down the drain than in my girls. They are not deprived. I really have to let this go.

I went to the gym yesterday with the little one. We ran/walked 3.5 miles and did some weights. She wants to do it again today - rather than spin... grumble, but I'll do it. I can spin tomorrow morning. I was glad to get my steps in. Glad to be moving and out. The weather is looking up and I have big plans to get the bike out this weekend. 

The teen is at least being social and I think/hope/pray that she's really cutting herself off from the bad influences - druggies, drop outs, losers.... I'm not delusional, I would just love it if she could see her worth, respect herself and want more for her life than what she's giving it right now. I guess that's what all mom's want.

Today - my goal is to focus on diet, fitness and getting the house back in order after a weekend away. I'm doing the best I can, AND I can do better.


Anonymous said...

My heart is with you; I would find it *so* hard to eat right if I had someone bringing foods like that right into my house! Is there just NO cooperation at all? Could a compromise list work - like, specific "red light" foods that simply cannot ever come into the home? (while allowing other similar foods?)

And I SO agree with dumping the orange soda. I think one of the worst things we do to kids today, culturally, is teach them that constant sugaring is normal. it's not, and it's seriously destructive - it's the reason kids today get non-alcoholic fatty liver disease!

Lynne said...

I'm in a constant struggle. My little one is fitness focused and all about eating well. The teen is all about the opposite - junk food, sugary drinks... I fight with her to moderate, make better choices and I try so hard to fill the house with good options - always bottled water on hand - herbal teas, bought her an air popper for a present... Amy's burritos, Annie's Mac & Cheese singles for quick snacks... Nuts, single serve kashi bars...yup. And then there's the husband - overweight, lots of health issues that go untreated (sleep apnea, bad knees, ...) and a lot of excuses. I ask, beg, and throw out a lot of junk! He has his 'junk' cabinet. I ask him to keep soda out or store it in his car away from the kids. When I am away.... All bets are off - starting from square one!

And I can do better! No excuses!!