Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 6/Day 2

Macros - F53%, P30%, C17% Calories 1,715, Steps 12,247

I'm working a little harder this week on gauging my hunger and being thoughtful about what I put in my mouth and when. The girls had a half day of school so we did a little spring shopping to get them out of the house on a dreary day. I have NO clothes. I'm not feeling any thinner - in fact I feel like I'm gaining and it's just depressing. But I bought 2 pairs of size 14 pants and they fit, and it works for now. I can do better.

Thinking about a serious round of Whole30. I know there's no way I can start before my birthday since I'm going away with my GIRLS and there WILL be drinks, but I may do a little 'Whole7' to get things rolling and lose a little of this bloat I'm feeling.

The teens behavior is better, but I'm still not convinced. She's working the next two days so I'll rest easy - knowing she's busy... Sigh...


Wendy said...

You're in week 6! Six weeks!!! I'm proud of you! Trucking right along and even with enough momentum for a Whole 7 (great idea, BTW). What a nice birthday gift you are giving yourself. :)

Lynne said...

Thanks so much for the support. It has been a rough patch, but I'll keep trying!