Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 6 / Day 3 - Better

Wednesday Macros:
F60%  P19% C21% - Calories 1,596 -  Steps 10,500
I made it to spin and was so happy I did. It was the new release of RPM, and my two favorite instructors were team teaching as part of a photo-shoot for the club's new brochure. It was such a good class! I also ran a half mile right after and played tennis with the younger one in the afternoon. I went shopping for food. I bought prepped veggies for tonight's dinner, cut up carrots, celery and washed a bag of small sweet peppers. There is hummus, boiled eggs, and almond milk all for ready snacks.

It's nice to feel prepared.

This morning I craved sweet and had a Siggis Pumpkin with chia and pecans. Trying to make that my carbs for the day... I really need to get them down to the 5% range and up my fat if I want to ensure ketosis. Such a struggle!! I can do better!!! My mini goal this week is to stay away from CHEESE. The only dairy I'll allow is yogurt or kefir; and Siggis is the only brand since they don't over do it with the sugar.

I have a lot of errands to take care of today so hitting my steps is about the only fitness goal I can ensure. I have a three day streak of 10K days that I intend to make 4...

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