Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 6 / Day 4 - Moon Cheese

Thursday Macros:
F49%  P27% C23% - Calories 1,740 -  Steps 12,474

I got my steps in. I did a little yard work. I shuttled kids to lessons, work and made dinner. It was really good to have the prepped veggies, because there is absolutely NO WAY I would have chopped or even cooked them if they weren't ready to go - staring me in the face... I would not let them rot in the fridge... I was satisfied after dinner, but still went for desert at our newly reopened Fro-Yo shop with the little one. I got the smallest dish possible (3-4 oz) and added a tbsp walnuts, a strawberry and 6 blueberries. I need to up the fat and cut the carbs. I'm happy with my protein level. 

And, after posting about cutting CHEESE, I discovered a new(ish) crunchy, simple, gluten free, low-carb, healthy (albeit higher in calories) snack - MOON CHEESE. It will definitely be a treat as it is really expensive $4.95 at Starbucks and only a little cheaper on Amazon. A single ingredient - CHEESE. Try it if you dare... 

This weekend I am running with my sister and friends. The teen is working most of Saturday - Hooray! - and my overall goal is to get the yard cleaned up. Since the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS - I would also like to take a hike and get my bike out for a ride. NO STRESS...EAT WELL... DO BETTER.

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