Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Week 9... Where am I?

Into week nine and I know I've been slacking... I took a few days off from MFP, ate cake, drank lots and even had some pita bread and pita chips... I feel pretty crappy. I'm trying to reign it in. I guess it's an extended DETOX... First let me eat a little crow - the sisters and my DH threw me a surprise party this weekend. I know it was mostly the sisters, but they insist the DH was on board; and my girls kept the secret. It was fun and *almost* a real surprise; and I was touched that my aunt flew from Florida, and an uncle drove from Maryland to be here for me. Sweet. 

I did run Saturday morning - a 6 mile route and I ran a good portion of it. My legs are still sore. The weather outlook is bad- rain every day so it will take a lot of MOJO to get my steps in. I hit them yesterday. Today I am working at the community farm with the little one and her confirmation class. I have no idea what they have in store for us... in the rain... but I hope we'll be walking... 

For Mother's Day we have scheduled a hike. I hope we end up with a rain free event. 

My sister is contemplating "Ideal Protein" and I decided to look into it.... Pre-packaged food and supplements combined with education and coaching... Ketosis. I know how to do this. I know what to eat... Their only difference is touting rapid weight loss (1000 calories/day) while discouraging exercise (since you're not ingesting enough calories to support exercise). I don't know if I like this... 
No, it's not on the horizon for me - especially since it costs about 80-100 dollars/week. It has got me thinking about going back to basics....back to what worked... 

- eat when hungry
- eat all food WITH protein
- eat no grains
- eat no fruit (except lemons and limes)
- eat no nuts
- eat nothing sweet - except Siggis yogurt (no more than 2x week) or Kefir (no more than 2x week)
- drink water, almond milk, an occasional vodka, plain soda water

That's it. It's that easy. 
I really have to get it together. I'm glad the birthday thing is over. 

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fitteratfortyish said...

The surprise party sounds great and I am happy and relieved to hear your hubs and kids (and other family and peeps, too) came through on acknowledging this milestone birthday in a special way. It's certainly OK to take a day off for a special event. But, and, now that it's over... you know what to do!