Monday, June 27, 2016

Anxious.... Big Week...

Spent the day with the teen Saturday and she was about 80% good. That's a huge bump up from the last month.... She has an incentive to get better, she has camp and that's good.... I hope the program she's in is OK with it. I hope... I hope.... meh.

I'm anxious.

Eating has been mostly on plan. I went over my "weekly" points by 30 -- which is basically an extra WW day of food.... BUT... my only real slip was Friday night. We went to see a friends band at a new Cider brewery. I've never had hard cider before and it was GOOD. I had 2 pints of the "Lazy Summer" spiced ginger and lemongrass..... It was worth it... I think.... Yesterday I ate crackers 4 of them... and a pint of HALO 240 which is my new "GO TO" treat... Yes, a TREAT...

I'm going to more conscious of my intake and really plan - or make sure I have a reserve for events where I know I could be tempted.

As for FITBIT... I went for a walk at 9:30 last night rather than let the streak end... Since I started WW I have hit 10K+ each day. I intend to keep it up through the end of the Great WW Experiment. I think it's a good goal.

I have a big week ahead - decisions for the teen, physical for me and a trip to the p-doc. Breathing.

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