Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weight Watchers Week 5 - Down 1

I'm down one more pound, so 20.2 lbs to go....

The week was mostly good. I continued journaling my food, wearing my FITBIT and maxing out my fitness goals. I am really trying to concentrate on what I eat and whether I am truly hungry. I still recognize my habit of *needing* something sweet at night and either trying to quash it. or limit my choices to a serving of Halo Top (yum), a glass of almond milk or a piece of fruit.

I am still low carb / no processed food 90% of the time... I wish the weight loss was faster, but I am thankful to be headed in the right direction. Thyroid test is next week.

The teen *lost* her phone at Camp. That's the only news. I hope she can hold it together. I hope she will find it. I hate the anxiety a situation like this can give me. (UPDATE * PHONE FOUND)

My goals for the week are to stay within my points; exceed fitness goals; and either finish a book or take a class at the gym. I'm still waiting for that motivation to kick in... too much TV... too much sitting around.

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