Friday, August 05, 2016

Can I Do *Something* Today?

I'm volunteering tomorrow for Pan Mass. It's an early day (4 a.m.) but it goes by so fast and we're done by 9 a.m. We are the first water stop for the 192 mile trek from Sturbridge to Provincetown MA. The first of about 3,000 riders will arrive by seven and the last will trickle through before 8:30... It's a pretty massive operation and overwhelming at times, but fills me up!  For the last 5 years we've packed up the box truck and headed to the halfway point in Bourne where we bike the 80+ volunteer ride to Wellesley MA the next day. This year the husbands and brother are taking the reigns. My sisters and I needed a break! I'll get to enjoy 24 hours of solitude!!

This afternoon I really want to paint the bathroom. It is on my list of things to do before the kids get home from camp. I try to pick a project (last year was painting the girls' rooms) and this is one that requires complete dedication since we can't use it until it's finished. I redo all the caulk, wash, repair, prep the ceilings and walls, replace or clean fixtures. I haven't done this in about 8 years because we fully expected to replace the bathroom by now. It is old and gross, but we have no money so we'll have to make due. I really hope I can muster the energy to power through and get it done.

I'm a few days post acupuncture, one day gluten free and dairy free and 2 days into an adrenal supplement my sister recommended. Other than a little optimism, I'm not really feeling much different. I'll take optimism and build on it.

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