Thursday, August 04, 2016

Taking Some Positive Steps...

Really on a whim, I made an appointment for acupuncture and went yesterday. Unlike my doctor, I felt that I was being heard without judgement. My symptoms - like the debilitating exhaustion and complete lack of motivation I experience were not dismissed as "typical" "menopausal" or "appropriate for my age".

When I talked about wanting to get off antidepressants, I wasn't chastised for being on them nor was I scorned for taking a pill... Instead I was provided resources to help me with my treatment decisions and encouraged to work with my doctor to taper appropriately or try something else if I felt it necessary. I kept expecting to have to defend my lifestyle and I was happily surprised by a very compassionate, thoughtful practitioner.

I hope this isn't just a fleeting feeling. I really want to get better. I do not want a repeat of 2015/2016.

Yesterday was productive. I worked, went to my appointment and actually started to prep the bathroom to paint next week. I also read... a  lot. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Kelly Brogan, MD is my new go to for all things Thyroid/Hashimotos/Mental Health. I can't begin to detail the wealth of her experience and the protocol she recommends. Simply click to her page and educate yourselves.

Going forward I am GLUTEN FREE. I've eliminated about 90% already over the last 4 years, but I'm moving to 100%. That means reading labels, eating nothing breaded, or specially baked unless specified "GF". I am also going to be dairy free (meh...) and sugar free... These three steps are basic tenets for treatment/relief of symptoms of Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism.  I plan to add a probiotic (still researching what's best and will discuss with nutritionist next week). I want to give YOGA and meditation another try... because it can help a lot.

I'm upping my steps to 12,500.  I'm tapering off the Prozac.
I'll continue to log food, and weigh in next week  (I chose acupuncture over WW yesterday - plus I wasn't up to facing a gain...).

Fresh start - Onward...


fitteratfortyish said...

What a refreshing response to your problems! Thank goodness you are finding a new path. I'm eager to hear that it helps you, and how.

As for yoga and meditation... for yoga, since you haven't loved it up til now, keep trying different TYPES of yoga. Don't just go back to the same type that you've tried before and not really liked. There are all different types out there. Every teacher is different, too. Also, for what it's worth, I find yoga at a yoga STUDIO, as opposed to a gym, to provide more individual attention, which is what we all need anyway, and is what someone who hasn't loved it yet needs especially. Gym yoga is more like just getting the exercise (as is power yoga). For going inside oneself, try a yoga studio. Many offer the first class free, or a deal where you can buy the first X days for a discount price (like 14 or 21 days for $20 or similar). This way you could try lots of different classes/styles without breaking the bank on it.

For meditation, I was recently recommended the Insight Timer app and I'm using it daily. I really like it. Mostly I use it for guided meditations and sleep meditations, but it also has just a timer and/or music or sound tracks for meditation accompaniment. You can even have friends on it! I'm Wendy in Greenville, SC if you join. All best.

Lynne said...

Thank you !!!! I need all the help i can get... On your advice I'm going to skip the gym and go to the studio in town. They offer a monthly drop in for $10 which is just my speed. I'll have to see what type they practice; I guess I should read up on the differences.

I'm also going to try the app... I've been to a few meditation classes and really think a guided practice is the best right now... I have no attention span - I'm going to have to work at it!

I really hope this helps!!!