Monday, September 19, 2016

A Decent Weekend

I had a great run Saturday and spent the rest of the day on yard work and gardening. The kids were busy so the DH and I made dinner for just the two of us. It was good. The teen went out with "friends" for the day. I was a little worried about whether she was being honest... I choose to believe that she's trying to do better; though after a major anger burst and a lot of disrespect, it's clear she's got a ways to go.

I choose to not let her suck me into her world.

She has to want to do better.

I ate poorly at times this weekend - stress last night was definitely a factor. Packages of mini cookies... organic... for the kids... I had 4 ... with milk... I really have to get a grip.

I want a quick fix. I want to feel like I did the first time I went to the hypnotist... I've been back, but it hasn't worked for me.... My sister is doing Ideal Protein and has lost 24lbs... I'm jealous.  It's so hard to have weight issues... I wish it didn't suck up so much of my life... I wish I didn't care about food...

I cancelled my WW subscription. It wasn't close enough, convenient enough and I didn't like the groups I tried enough to make the effort.

I'll keep trying in my own way.... for now.

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