Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Always Hungry...

No, not really... Always eating... lately, yes. It needs to stop...

Always Hungy makes sense: 2 weeks, phase 1 macros at each meal should be 50 fat, 25 carb, 25 protein. There are 2 snacks.

I have my breakfasts all set choosing either -

  1. eggs with cheese and salsa OR 
  2. a smoothie (Recipe still to be determined... I'm grocery shopping tomorrow for ingredients and will experiment with Ludwig's recipes and my tastes to come up with a "go to"... 
For lunch, Ludwig's salad dressings are easy and to my liking. I'll make batches of each type... no excuses...and I'll make enough for my family. The teen put on weight this summer. She's really stressed about it, and I really want to help her without becoming my mother... "Do you really think you need that?" "YES - I'll take 2!"

Tomorrow I'll buy salmon to poach, chicken breasts and pork tenderloin to grill and portion out for week 1. NO EXCUSES!!

Snacks are easy - BJs has individual organic hummus portions... I cut carrots and celery and peppers...OR I have a few (meaning 2) slices of ham or turkey with dill sauce on romaine lettuce boats.

For dinner it's tricky... I have really been unmotivated about planning, cooking or serving dinner. I typically have to drive someone somewhere... I typically have to deal with messes and pets and feeling tired (though not as much since the thyroid meds have kicked in)... The kids come home from school to transition to other things and want to eat NOW... I have to figure out a way to stay on track. I'm considering flipping lunches with dinner; prepping dinner in the morning, eating right after school  -3 out of 4 family members isn't bad and save salads for later on whenever anyone is ready.... 

I'm buying a scale. I'm tracking my progress once a week. I need accountability, but I need to be disciplined about it... I can't get numbers crazed again - it leads to really unhealthy habits, and I have a teen to consider as well as my self.

Finally, I'm considering a DIET BET.. I figure I've thrown enough money to Weight Watchers without seeing a payoff... maybe if I have some green in the game it will motivate me to forget the ice cream cone. 

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