Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Monday...

Starting the week with a cold and hoping I don't end up feeling like the little one who stayed home from school today. The DH is off on a two day business trip and I want to take full advantage of the mini break and not be sick. The cleaners are coming tomorrow vs. Wednesday and I'm going to tackle a few things this afternoon. The weekend got a little off track with chores... so now I have laundry, and stuff everywhere - shoes, paperwork, a fridge packed with things we won't eat and on the verge of going bad, dirty... meh.

I am going to prep 2 weeks of meals. I am going to tackle phase 1 of Always Hungry... I'm going to start it this week; but I'm going to do it right. I feel so out of control fat. Such a drag.

I'm going to the gym 3 times this week - just going... It's a start. I feel achy and creaky - not that the extra 20? 30? pounds should matter... sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Monday! Hope the cold doesn't settle in. Vitamin C may help? Feel better.