Monday, October 17, 2016

Refuse to Regain...

"Stop eating ALL carbs except for non tropical fruits and vegetables.  (Much more info in my book, Refuse to Regain).  Do some exercise 5 days a week to stabilize your weight.  Eat very little from a package and just eat what's real.  That will return you to the diet that your body has been comfortable with for most of human existence.  Try it.  Then let me know how it went."   
Refuse to Regain by Dr Barbara Berkeley
 How could I have forgotten? Thanks Wendy .
Now I have to re-lose the weight and make some honest, permanent change to keep it off for good. It's a process and it's something that I really want.

The little one wants to climb all the peaks in NH's Presidential Traverse. We've already climbed Mt. Washington - so the others should be cake... yeah... no joke... not! It's a great goal for next spring/summer. We're doing it! In the meantime, she wants to maintain her weight. She a jumper and to excel in equestrian sports you have to maintain weight since unfortunately, judging equitation is pretty much split between looks and ability. We're running the lake at least once - hopefully twice - a week - about 3 miles... That will help with 5K training. 

The weekend was as expected; not as expected. The DH is in some sort of self-obsessed phase; not listening; not communicating. As the kids get older, they are so much more aware of it - and it's hard for me to watch without trying to fix it, - because I can't and I shouldn't try. He missed events, forgot promises made, and instead of apologizing he gets defensive and mad. They'll have to figure out their own relationship - I've made my peace. Meh.

I chipped away at the laundry mound; mowed the lawn and made some applesauce with the little one... (We have to use the apples we picked last week.) and drove the teen to skid school. I didn't have any gym time or even walk time yesterday; so I'm thankful that my 28 day average is still over 12K (barely).

Eating has been on point with one poor choice yesterday - homemade apple pie ala mode - and I've made peace with it - I'm moving on... I feel good about my plan and I'm looking forward to my first weigh in this Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

You sound like you are in a great head space, that's wonderful! Oh, and thanks for the shout out. So glad my suggestion helped. It's way too easy to beat up on ourselves about regain.

The situation with DH, and his relating with the family, sounds tough. It sounds like your girls may not be getting hugs (literal/metaphorical) from him, so, as a person who grew up unhugged, I lovingly remind you to hug your daughters extra, and love them extra, when this happens to them. They are in a tough place in life/growth. Teens and tweens can be, frankly, kind of unlovable-acting. They still need our love and reassurances as much as ever. And with that reassurance from you, yes, they will work it out. If it feels like you're helping HIM by covering his gaffes - you're not. You're helping YOUR GIRLS. xo

Lynne said...

i do love my girls for who they are and where they are in life. I hope I am teaching them to be self-sufficient, self advocating and confident in who they are... We're not there by a long shot...yet. I know it's just a week, but the teen who has been anti-good food - chose a small bag of almonds for a school snack... baby steps... AND at family therapy the teen spoke up to her dad and her dad *SHOCK* apologized for missing her show. BIG.