Thursday, October 27, 2016

Those Damn Pretzels...

A Boy Scout Fundraiser!  Chocolate covered pretzels... They were in the car this weekend and when I had nothing to put in my body. I ate them... a lot of them... Last night when I was a little miffed at the DH and craved sweet, I went back into the car and finished them off... Truth be told, there weren't that many left, but let's talk about breaking a weekly goal the day it's set... Meh.

Those pretzels made me feel horrible. I had a stomach ache the rest of the night and I kept up this inner mean girl tirade.. "See?! - Hope you feel awful! You should have thrown those pretzels in the trash!  You just had a decent week and then... poof!... How are you going to lose weight if you keep doing stupid stuff like this!?" I made that mean girl go away this morning. I've got to learn how I am triggered, move on and not dwell or berate...I have to find a new way to cope and BE KIND.

Yogurt, mixed berries, walnuts, cinnamon and coffee... breakfast of champions!

And the DH leaves today... He called last night on his way to the gym to make sure that I would take him to the airport... an 8 pm flight; so we'll have to be there at 6... The absolute worst night of the week for activities and the traffic is sure to turn it into a four hour adventure... I'm putting him on the bus... and I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow... The house is pretty clean, the laundry is manageable and the fridge is stocked. It's supposed to be absolutely crappy outside so I can go to the gym to walk and workout, make a pot of soup, and play with my new computer... Fingers crossed....

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Anonymous said...

Really glad you kicked out the mean girl!!!

And YAY YAY YAY for putting hubs on the bus to the airport!!! What an excellent decision.

Whoot for some down time for you! Hope you get to get a walk, and enjoy it.