Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week One - Returning to Better Habits

I am pretty happy with the work I did this week and it definitely impacted my weigh in with a 5 pound loss. I was messing around with the protocol - should I be clothed? not eat? go to the gym first? NO. I kept to my normal schedule - walked the dog, drank coffee, ate breakfast and when the house was mine - kids to school, DH to work - I weighed in. Next week will be the same.

I'm working on better habits. The scale is one tool I have to keep in check.

My other better habit is to not eat at night. Luckily I've been busy and out until bedtime; I know there will be nights when I'm not and I have a plan - Tea only, and GO TO BED.

I'm not really tracking macros, but my averages this week from MFP were 39% Carb, 39% Fat, and 22% Protein. I was trying to keep calories around 1,200 and was successful all days except Sunday when I ate pie... My FITBIT average is still over 12K/day with Sunday the only low day.

What I won't do today is reward my success with food. In the past I would weigh in at WW and if the numbers were good I would allow myself a treat or just check out the rest of the day... or two days, or three.... I would spend the remainder of the week restricting to try to get back on track; over- exercising the day before to trick the scale, make up for the excesses and eek out a loss... It was not a good habit, and obviously not a successful way to eat for the rest of my life and maintain a healthy weight.

What are some things I'll continue to do this week?

  • Make Food in Batches - I made a pot of soup and grilled 2 pounds of chicken. It made it easier to choose what to eat; and I knew I could stay on track even if I didn't feel like cooking. 
  • Don't Eat Out.  We went to the movies AFTER dinner, and if the kids got fast food, I didn't.
  • Plan Ahead. DH wanted to go to lunch yesterday, so I said yes - but picked the restaurant and decided what I was going to eat, logged it in MFP and was done. NO STRESS. 
I've asked the girls to pick some meals they like and things they would want to have in the house for quick meals or snacks. I've asked the DH to do the same. I'm doing my best to model HEALTHY. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations! Not that pounds are the most important thing but it's nice to get a reward on the scale for the effort, which can be motivating to KEEP GOING!

I so, so agree with you with not having a food reward. Food rewards are part of what got us into this mess, right?! Great choice. If you'd like a reward, think of something non-food, like maybe a manicure.

Exciting! Congrats!

Lynne said...

Rewards will come in 10lb increments. I have a gift certificate for a facial so that will be my first prize... Taking the time to do something for ME.