Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I've been stressed about a lot of stuff this week, including the weigh in, so it makes no sense that my coping mechanism is eating food at random... It took every ounce of mental strength last night to drink my tea and eat no more. This morning I went through the typical routine - take my pill, walk the dog and jump in the shower...

I'm not in the 180's as I had hoped to be, but I'm slightly lower and moving in the right direction. I'm thankful. -.3 lbs for a total of 8.2 lbs lost.

This is a difficult time of year and I'm NOT getting complacent. I have no "pass" for Thanksgiving. I will eat when hungry and stop. I will write down everything that goes in my mouth. I will get in my steps in spite of the predicted snow (blech) and rain. 

I'm going to stick with the plan. I will not be the disappearing blogger who eats through the holidays and returns January 1 with another resolution. I have plans for my healthy self. 

So - Let's try again for the 180's next week!  

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Enz said...

You can do it! I think most of the battle is mental and you seem resolute :)