Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weigh in Day...

I'm pretty happy with today's number considering last weekend - off plan eating and sitting in a car for twenty hours. I think what helped was writing everything down and knowing that I would. It was always on my mind and I think I made better decisions in what I ate (even if it wasn't on plan) and portion size. 

I don't really like the idea of a number, but my goal for this week is to get into the 180's. To do this I have the following challenges: 
  1. Eat nothing after 6 p.m. - In desperation I can have a glass of almond milk, but my go-to will be herbal tea (Of late, I'm a big fan of Republic of Tea Peppermint Bark).
  2. Log every little thing that goes in my mouth in MFP
  3. Build back up to a 12K/day average steps on my FITBIT
  4. Nothing sweet, lots of veggies, no grains, lean proteins, good fats... and stay within a 12-1600 calorie range. 

This is pretty much my plan - the real challenge now is to live it consistently. I can do this. 7.9 lbs lost in 5 weeks.  

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Enz said...

That is awesome! Great work!