Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Stress that just keeps Giving...

My sister and brother in law host Christmas. They love to pull out my mother's china, silver and crystal. They love to cook and prep and decorate... They have no kids so it's a wonderful gift to the family. I happily contribute most of the appetizers, and once we're in their house sanity resumes and I'm relaxed... There is nothing more to do. The presents are gifted, the cards are sent (or not) and it's just Christmas..... I can not wait until Sunday!!!! I'm really hating this week.

Appointments, a head cold, the unhelpful husband, no time to do the grocery shopping and the last minute "I have a French party tomorrow; I'll need French cookies..." and "Did you get anything for my teachers?"  I'm a little annoyed with myself; it's not like this is a new phenomenon. I don't know why I just don't take the week before Christmas off?! I don't understand why I don't stock up on boxes of chocolates and Dunkin Donuts gift cards... And Christmas will come!

And I feel SO yucky... I HATE MY CLOTHES... all of them; even my shoes! I opted for the baggy peasant shirts this fall since I gained so much weight; and big sweaters to disguise my rolls... I look FRUMPY... I want to dress better, but I don't want to buy big clothes... I wanted to be thinner by now, and I'm not... And regardless of how much I try, it's painfully slow and I should have predicted as much. Meh. Now what?

I'm going to switch things up and weigh everyday for the next month or so... Apparently it's all the rage for successful maintainers... I want to be a successful maintainer.

This morning I weighed exactly what I did yesterday 192.5

I'll be working on an attitude adjustment and throwing out clothes that don't bring me joy. I'm going to make an appointment to get my hair cut, and another to get a facial (a 50th birthday present that sits in my drawer...). I can not let myself fall into a winter slump post holiday... The REAL winter is coming... I must be prepared... A weight loss would definitely boost my spirits!

For now, I will keep walking - keep breathing - keep trying - and do my best.  I will reflect on the things that bring me joy; and each hour I'm closer to Christmas Day.

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