Thursday, February 16, 2017

And then I didn't go...

The little one came home in a puddle... She did not want to go to the gym. And then I didn't go.

WHY? There were no excuses. I finished my chores, dinner was made and there were several hours before I had to pick up the teen. I ate 4 pieces of dark chocolate from V-day (so much for pacing, so much for no sugar/low sugar). I threw the rest out this morning.

Today is a new day... A 20 minute "race pace" run is on the training schedule.

It is the kind of day where I'm in the car driving kids from activity to activity, but I need to fit it in.

This is my test.


Enz said...

And you will pass with flying colours! Have an awesome day!

Amy G. said...

One off day doesn't determine anything, right? You know what you need to do to get on track for a good day today! You'll do it. Keep your eye on the prize, as they say! ;)