Friday, February 17, 2017

Finally Friday...

Holiday weekend and School Vacation are upon us. There are few expectations and that is good. Tomorrow is a much needed run with the sisters (2 real, one honorary). It's going to be 32 and clear and I have high hopes for a good solid 4 mile run. I'm done beating myself up about not following the training plan this week. I did NOT run again yesterday due to many excuses - emergency ortho appointment, late practices, blah blah blah...though I at least met my step goal - it's something.

Eating has been really off.... I do fine into late afternoon, but end up grazing at the end of the day and my well thought out plans dashed. I've fallen back into my old habit of 'eat - write - regret' versus 'plan, eat, no snacks'. I need to work a little harder this weekend if I hope to end the month with a good loss.

And I will, because I can.


Enz said...

Long weekend here too and it will be 10C tomorrow. Looking forward to walking outside and seeing the sun and less snow! Enjoy your run :)

Lynne said...

Nothing like a little mid-winter warm spell to brighten the spirits...SUN and Vitamin D~