Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fast Day for Valentines

Today is FAST DAY. Coffee and Smart Water for me.

The DH bought me organic dark chocolate squares, which shows me he's trying just a little. I got him a card. We're kind of broke, no overpriced dinner or presents necessary...I'll have one tomorrow; if I want.

I plan to get to the gym today and stay out of the kitchen and any temptation. I went mega shopping yesterday and filled the fridge/pantry with only good stuff. I'm making a chick pea dish (Chana Masala) for dinner tomorrow - vegan friendly, but good for everyone. I'm roasting veggies to spread throughout the rest of the week, hard boil eggs and cut carrots and celery.

The teen is going to work on healthy options, but more importantly, will try not to eat anywhere but the kitchen. I suggested she try changing habits first before she turns to dieting which is an endless cycle I wouldn't wish on anyone. She's a little "fluffy", not a big exerciser lately and could probably stand to lose 20+ lbs. Just like her mom... AND it's hard; AND it's worth it.

I have zero expectations for the scale tomorrow. In fact it will be a WIN if I stay the same. This week I am working on PLANNING what I will eat BEFORE I eat it. I will log meals into MFP and then stick to what it says. I didn't snack at all this weekend, and it would probably be a good thing to continue that trend into this week as well. Three meals and done.

We'll see how it goes.

As for 5 Miler Training, I walked/ran 5 miles on the treadmill Saturday afternoon. The Precor I used was preset for an "outside run experience" indoors so it felt like I was running uphill and it was hard. The sister kept me going... we're a little competitive like that. Today I'll do 20 minutes of sprint exercises and strength training. Tomorrow is a three mile "tempo" run. Saturday is a 6 miler long slow distance (the longest I'll train at for this race).


Amy G. said...

I'm not big on V-day, either. I'm making dinner and we're going to share some chocolates.

Wow, you go to the gym on fast day? How do you do it??? :)

I'm enjoying following your progress.

Enz said...

I admit Valentine's Day is hard for me since Den died. He wasn't big on birthdays and Christmas was always about the kids - but Valentine's Day was ours.

Wishing you a Happy Fast Day :)