Monday, February 06, 2017

It was a little stressful this weekend

Not gonna lie; it was a little stressful this weekend. It all started with the teen's third driving test; which she didn't pass... again. There were tears, a lot of negative self-talk and a heart ache on my end. I don't know why this is so hard for her? I guess everything is?! She really is a fine driver; inexperienced, but not reckless or inattentive. *sigh* Since I was with the teen, I didn't run with my ladies...sad, I SO needed it.

Later we spent 3 hours on line at the Post Office to get the girls' passport applications processed. It was a LOT of  family together time doing nothing. We were all pretty "hangry" when we finished and I rarely drink, but ordered one up as soon as we found a restaurant suitable for the new vegan... She's making us all a little crazy!

Yesterday I started my FIVE MILER TRAINING on the treadmill.

- 5 min warm up
- 5 min run (level 5)
- 5 min walk
- 5 min run (level 6)
- 5 min walk
- 5 min run (level 6)
- 5 min walk
- 5 min run (level 5.5)
- 5 min walk
- 5 min cool down

50 minutes, 20 minutes running, 3.4 miles total. Running at a 5 is my current comfortable pace; a 6 is super hard and today my butt is sore; and so are my shins... I don't know what the deal is, but the treadmill really isn't kind to my legs. I know I need to get to the track - or just run outside. Today is a strength day - I'll do arms (chest, shoulders, bicep, tricep, back) and abs (planks).

I'm trying to look forward to Kripalu this weekend. Trying to let go of the fact that the DH scheduled a business trip to overlap - not getting home til late Friday so the girls are on their own til he gets home... AND they'll be OK. AND I'll have a great time... Right?


Enz said...

The girls will be fine and will love the no-parent time! And you will come back refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and yes! So nice to have something to look forward to. Your teen probably needs this responsibility to help her "achieve" doing it well, to help make up for hard feelings for not passing the driving test. Sounds like she could use a win, so this comes at a good time. And I'm sure the Kripalu trip comes at a good time for you also! :)

Lynne said...

You are not kidding! I need to get away so bad!!!