Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Finally and I'm Ready for a "DO NOT MUCH" Kind of Weekend...

First it's snowing - Shouldn't add up to much, but I still don't like it and it keeps me from wanting to be outside. I REALLY NEED SPRING! (I can't even think about the major storm heading this way for Tuesday! UGH)

Tomorrow the high temp will be 19 (again). After nearly freezing to death last weekend at a horse show, my SATURDAY GIRLS RUN could be foiled again for the weather; and that makes me cranky. The run is good for me, but the coffee talk post-run is what keeps me sane for the next...

The DH is causing me angst; AGAIN... I'm wondering if men really do get a PMS equivalent.

I had a good night out with friends last night. We had a book club with a famous author - who was very personable and engaging and interesting... AND I got to see my sisters AND my best friends; so it was banner and definitely made my week. I had some wine, and some snacks and it wasn't the best way to substitute dinner, but whatever.... I'm going to make up for a little over indulgence (cheese is a killer!!), by fasting through lunch.

I'm definitely going to the gym this afternoon.

The teen has SATs in the morning, so it will be a quiet night. Other than dinner out with friends tomorrow, the weekend is unscheduled and unstructured... Perfect for reading my new book!!!


Enz said...

What are you reading?

I also am looking for a chilled weekend after last weekend's house full of teens and early twenty-somethings for my son's birthday. Great bunch of kids, but loud and boisterous in a small space!

Winter is starting to get me down and I am so *&*^ sick of the cold. We have light flurries this morning as well.

I am not looking forward to the time-change this weekend either. Seriously, what Machiavellian person thought getting up earlier in the Winter was a good idea????

Hoping we both the weekend we deserve and NEED.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are able to get your run and coffee talk in, and enjoy the whole weekend!