Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Went to the Gym

Yes, I appreciate the advice to rest; and, had I seen it before I left for the gym I might have just stayed home. I wasn't there long. I walked for 5 minutes and ran at 6 mph for minute intervals until I hit two miles. I cooled down and that was it... 40 minutes maybe, but good enough for me to NOT feel like a complete slug.

And then the little one came home and made cookies. I had 4 of them... So much for my sugar kick (even if they were "healthy").

Not my plan, but I made that my dinner and stayed within my calories (though too many carbs) for the day. Today is a new opportunity!!!

I still feel congested and crappy, so I'll take a walk with the dog; get some fresh air and eat a salad. This stupid cold/flu needs to head out along with all this dumb snow. It's really a downer!!


Enz said...

I am with you. Where can we send this snow? Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

whew, glad you didn't mind the unsolicited advice! It sounds like you enjoyed your run, though, so good for you.

Sorry you're still fighting this thing. Get rest. Hydrate. Sit around and read, or snooze, or whatever, give your body support so it can fight off this bug.

Hope you feel better soon.