Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday!

Up a pound and not really surprised. I've been fighting a horrible cold/flu all while pretending I'm not sick. It was actually easy to not eat yesterday - other than coffee and cough drops; I wasn't hungry. This morning I felt sluggish and achy so I had a bowl of chili that I made for family dinner last night. One cup filled me up.

I hope I start to feel better soon. I hate being so unmotivated. I'm going to go to the gym in a little bit to run - yes run. I figure even if I eek out a few miles it's better than nothing. My original plan was to get back to spin class, but I'm already late... As if...

I sent the taxes off just in time to get a $700 bill for a car repair this morning. *sigh* I always feel like maybe, just maybe we'll get a little bit ahead, pay off a bill or two only to get one of these surprises. I guess that's life. I'm trying not to stress over stupid stuff.  I'm not going to stress about my weight. I'll follow the plan, work harder to stay away from sugar, mind my portions, and eat a salad every day. I'll get my miles in for my training and REGISTER FOR MY RACE which I will post for all to see tomorrow. (accountable).

And now I'll go blow my nose... again.


Anonymous said...

Not that you asked for advice but... if you're fighting off a cold/flu, maybe this is a good time to skip the run, and just sleep or rest? That's what the body needs to help it fight.

Strength comes as much from rest, as from work.

End unsolicited advice. :)

Hope you feel better soon! No worries about the scale, sometimes that beast has a mind of its own.

Enz said...

I echo the unsolicited advice! Take care of yourself. It sounds like you've been run ragged emotionally and physically lately.