Monday, May 22, 2017

Being OK at DOing OK

Could the scale be helping me? Weighing in every morning definitely keeps me thinking - and it's a good thing. I had a busy weekend with parties Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. There were temptations and times when I could have made better choices. Alcohol is definitely a catalyst for bad decisions, but thankfully I don't drink often - usually just special occasions or nights out.

I weighed in each day and each day showed gains, but I'm not alarmed. I'm back on track today and moving forward. These are just temporary. I exceeded my step goal, but did not drink enough water yesterday. Today I will; and I'll get to the gym. The school year is winding down and so are the activities.  I'll have more time for me since the kids are relying on me less. Change is good.


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Seaside Dreams said...

Its always nice to get extra time for yourself.