Saturday, May 20, 2017

Can I make it FOUR?

This was this morning's weight before my run with the ladies, now 3.3 lbs from my lowest and still moving in the right direction. I have made it 3 solid days of good food 10K+ steps and I'm continuing to remain focused on TODAY. I finished 5 miles strong - the first three were tough as I had to keep up with the fast one, and my older sister - "the coach". The last mile was slower as we were on our own, but I added some telephone pole sprints to keep it a high intensity workout.

I came home and made 2 eggs in pastured butter to make up for no bulletproof coffee this morning. I bought a coffee at the corner market and smoked almonds for my pre-run. I was a little miffed at myself for the nuts, but I'm over it and no damage was done.

I have to head to my nephews fencing competition - filling in for my sister, and tonight we have a benefit dinner. I'm sure it will be pasta, so I'll be sticking to salad only. I'm working on a Whole30 template... so no cheese which will rule out filling on appetizers.

Tomorrow we have a brunch buffet out a at a restaurant for my little ones confirmation. I'm planning in advance what I will eat and making sure to choose an inside seat so I won't be tempted to make more than one trip. If I can make it through that the rest of the day will be cake!

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MyStalkerIsFat said...

A fencing competition sounds interesting :) Keep up your good days! You're on a streak.