Thursday, June 08, 2017

Considering Something New

My co-worker has lost 24 lbs at the local Get In Shape for Women gym. It's small group training - strength (free weights, trx), high intensity cardio 3x week; accountability and nutrition. She's shown me her weekly shopping/food prep list and her weight loss log for the last 3 months and she's happy with her results. It's not cheap ($300/mth), so she's interested now in transferring to a "regular" lower cost gym to focus on maintenance. So yeah, I made an appointment to check it out. I know they'll try to sell me; but I'll be strong - take the free trial week and consider if it's worth it.

I know that I've spent hundreds on Weight Watchers over the years; hundreds with the hypnotist; and I know that diet, exercise, accountability is really what it's all about. If I can truly dedicate myself to a summer there; it is possible to make real progress toward a healthier weight and build some good habits to maintain it.

For now, I'll continue to eat healthy foods; not too much and move my body 10K+ every day!

I really hate how this part of my life sucks so much of my brain power.


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Enz said...

Love this idea!
Looking forward to hearing how it goes.