Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Weekend and Changes are Coming

I have an appointment Wednesday to start my "free" trial week at Get in Shape for Women. I'm a little nervous about the commitment, but more so for the work I have ahead of me. I have to get my mind back in the game; I'm confident this will do it.

The girls and I started a 3 day juice cleanse. The little one wanted to try it and asked me to do it with her; the teen jumped in too!

This weekend we all did a 5K. It was later than I normally run and getting hot, but it was fine. I ended up hanging back with the teen for the last mile so my time of 39:20 was not really indicative of my potential... In fact the first two miles were sub 12 which made me happy.  The teen hadn't trained and I was shocked that she even wanted to run. She got up without me waking her and was ready to go but the fact that she overheated (a side effect of the med she's on) didn't surprise me since she rarely exercises. I'm proud she made it.

The rest of the day was FESTIVAL for our town's 300th. It was well organized, well attended and the kids were happy and free to roam with friends. DH and I walked around for a bit, had a beer with the neighbors and returned for fireworks at 9. It was a beautiful night - perfect temp 70s, and no bugs! Great day. Yesterday I kayaked the lake, while my sister swam in prep for her 1/2 Ironman next weekend. She's put in the work - I give her so much credit for getting out there and the little one and I are excited to be there to support her Saturday.

So Eating - meal choices are good, but snacks are too abundant. I know I'm eating too many calories for weight loss. The three day cleanse should help reset and the third day will coincide with my first workout. I'll also get on the scale which I have been avoiding these past two weeks.

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