Monday, June 19, 2017


So whether or not I've had my "come to Jesus" moment remains to be seen, but the 43% body fat number has been rolling around in my mind all weekend. I don't like it. I'm fitter than 43%!  I just eat too much? I'm logging my food - moving to more protein vs. fat and keeping carbs to >100. I'm switching up the workouts to all HIIT all the time plus alternating upper/lower body strength. We'll see if it translates on the scale Wednesday morning.

I'm taking photos of my treadmill workout summaries for personal accountability, and to track improvement over time. Right now it's 25 min alternating 60-90 seconds at 4 mph/6-7.5 mph. It really gets my heart rate up; I sweat a lot and it's over fast. I did one run Saturday and one with the little teen Sunday with upper body/lower body weights right after. I'm sore this morning all over.

I've prepped food for the week; making a point to NOT buy anything processed. The little teen is totally on board; and the DH for now isn't buying any junk (he has an interview next Monday so he's actually hoping to lose a few pounds). I'm hoping it's a new habit he'll continue.

The teen is off to be a Camp Counselor for the summer this Saturday. She's been so stable; and therefore, much more fun to be around. I'm really going to miss her which is a huge change from last summer when my strongest feeling was relief as I drove off...

It's going to be a busy week!


Enz said...

Please come to my house and get me organized! Since I got back from my 'vacation' I've been staying on track but it feels like so much work to meal prep and think ahead! Crazy, isn't it?

Looking forward to hearing about your progress this week :)

Lynne said...

I guess that's the deal - it's always work, it never ends, and you just have to embrace it... AND that's probably why it's so darn hard!!!

Enz said...

So TRUE. But it amazes me how it seems effortless ...... until it doesn't!!!