Thursday, June 15, 2017

What am I doing?

Get in Shape for Women was a good workout, but the cost was not what I expected. The "deal" I was reading about was for a different franchise too far away. They want you to pay upfront and that means thousands on a credit card. Of course the manager was selling me hard and, yes, I'm going back Friday for another workout. "If you work the program, it works." Yes, I know... ANY program works if you work it... So I left a little overwhelmed, and I've been thinking ever since. My "official" start weight 192 and 43% body fat! UGH... It is exactly what I weighed last year when I threw my money at Weight Watchers (for the one millionth time).  SO... yeah...

What will I do?

I know what works; how many calories I should eat; what the macros need to be. I know how to run and I know that I need to incorporate strength training.

And I am MORBIDLY OBESE according to the charts.... I think that's what really got to me yesterday. That body fat percentage in the RED ZONE... The trainer/salesperson reminding me that in this zone I'm at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease... blah blah blah....

And I'm not in a funk about it. I'm just - I don't know.... Ruminating. Trying to come up with a better plan... An app for interval training... Going back to Body Pump (I never regret going).... Looking at personal training at my gym (too expensive)... small group stuff.... I just don't know right now.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Scare tactics of heart disease, diabetes, etc along with a request for THOU$AND$ up front?! Yes, that's quite the hard sell. Have you checked out their user reviews? Before I put down that kind of money, I would definitely review other opinions of them.

As for the specifics, try not to let it get to you. The plan and goals are probably still the same. The last thing any of us need is another stick (or three) to beat ourselves with.

Lynne said...

So true!!! They get either - really good reviews (and I think that's if money is no object) and / or it's too expensive and they get mad when you reach your goals and leave....and no, I'm not going to do it - now - If I would make the investment, it would happen in September - not summer when I know for sure I'll be on vacation for at least 2 full weeks; maybe 3.

I just really need to get it together.

Enz said...

You are so right. The key is not the plan. The key is finding a plan that you can stick to and fits into your life.

I hate hard sell/scare tactics. That would have turned me right off. Good on you for going back and considering it.