Thursday, November 09, 2017

STEP ONE: Go to Weight Watchers (that you already paid for...)


I went to a new group. It was a little strange, but packed; so I'll go again... I recognized a few lifetime members from years ago - when I actually liked the leader. The leader at this location looks like Sara Ferguson and she looks to weigh as much as I do now... My guess is that she's lost several hundred pounds and this is her "doctor approved goal weight". I don't know that for a fact, but people seemed to respect what she had to say. She also exuded a confidence that I wish I had.

WEIGHT: 191 for a 3 week gain of 4 pounds - up 6 from my lowest of 185. Why is it so easy to gain and so hard to lose! Maddening.

I spent the rest of my day grocery shopping and making some healthy options including butternut squash soup which has a mere teaspoon of oil, chicken stock and veggies - just ONE POINT... and SO GOOD!!!

I walked the dog and forced myself to sign up for yoga. The class was mild heat and foundations. It was hard and the heat... ugh... I was SO nauseous when I finished!  I am now thoroughly convinced that I can't tolerate any kind of heated yoga. I LOVED the instructor.

SO... I have to work harder if I want to see changes. It has to come from me. AND STEP ONE is done.


Enz said...

Finding the right group is important. Good for you for trying a different one.

MyStalkerIsFat said...

Great job trying a new WW group. The first thing I did when I joined WW was go grocery shopping too. It was so much easier to make good choices when I made sure I had plenty of fruit and vegetables right there and easy to get to.

Anonymous said...

I'd take the recipe for that soup, if you could share it... sounds delicious.