Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It Starts with One Good Day...

Monday and Tuesday were good food days. I kept my calories to less than 1,500 and my Macros were 50/30/20. I was a little put out and annoyed by both my girls....They are bored. They have nothing to do. WHY AM I IN CHARGE OF THEIR LEISURE?

Thankfully the teen works today and the little one has to clean her room! NO repeats of yesterday!

As for progress on the school front ---- it's like herding cats!  Everyone has their little window of availability and no flexibility. It looks like a meeting could get pushed into next week; though I've got a tentative Friday time if the therapist can find a baby sitter.....I'm a little frustrated with my search for possible schools.... I can't visit until the district submits a referral, but I would think you'd want to know if the school's a fit before you send them an application? Meh. It's so hard!

I have 5 programs that I've checked out on-line and the one I'm most interested in won't get back in touch... Sigh.... In the meantime, the teen is 'having anxiety' which I read as... "I'm not coming back to this school next year so I could care less if I finish anything!!" I will need to remind her that it's not a done deal. I will need to remind my self that she's doing the best she can right now.

I am feeling so lethargic and F-A-T! I haven't weighed myself - we no longer own a scale, but I'm positive that I'm back where I started and not at all happy. I am working on the "one day at a time" philosophy and trying to make a set of rules I can actually live by FOREVER. I know I don't need bread to live and have truly cut that out. Problem foods are nuts and dairy. CHEESE needs to go away.Oh, and sugar? Let's just say NO.... please.

Holiday weekend is approaching. I am SO psyched to be off from work. I hope I will be inspired to exercise. I hope I will be able to RELAX...

Proximity is Power... You can hope wish and dream, but if you are not in a position to DO something then nothing at all can happen. 

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fitteratfortyish said...

In terms of crafting your food rules, I can tell you that getting rid of foods with added sugar was not just powerful but life-changing for me. (In spirit of full disclosure, I'll admit that, since then, I am not strictly "no sugar" because I have added back some dark chocolate but the rule is it's only allowed if fat grams > net carbs. But I am still a VERY low-sugar girl, and consider this a guiding principle.) Hope this helps.

Great job on your Monday and Tuesday eating! How does it feel accomplish that?