Monday, November 21, 2016

What I Did This Weekend.


I walked/jogged 5 miles with the sisters.
I raked nearly the entire yard by myself.
I walked the dogs a lot - Earned my 30K DAY on Fitbit
I ate OK - with just a few off program foods...

The BAD:

My neighbor died. Super sad. It happened yesterday and I couldn't tell my kids.
My teen didn't pass her drivers test - got flustered on parallel parking... Huge disappointment for her.
I'm so worried how the teen is going process all of this.
The DH is making me CRAZY.
I don't really feel like Thanksgiving.

AND I need to pick myself up, help where I can and do my best. I can only control how I act/react in a given situation. Walking is good. Eating is not. Breathe. Meditate.

I can do this.

1 comment:

Enz said...

I think holidays add a whole other layer of stress!
Wishing you a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.